Basement Project

We are a local charity that helps young people under 25 with any issues or problems they are experiencing. The Basement is a safe, secure environment and offers some stability to young people. Sometimes we can be the only people who ask, “How are you today?”.

We support young people with are homeless, in crisis or need support in a new tenancy. Our aim is to help people find a home and keep it and to live independently, whilst considering their future.
Our team of experienced qualified support workers will assess the needs of each individual and tailor the support to help them in whatever way is needed, whether this is practically or emotionally.

Feedback from young people shows the difference and impact we can make in their lives. Comments like…. “I don’t think I would be here without you”; “You are the only people who listen and understand me” and “I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done”.

We also offer mediation to young people and their families, helping to alleviate conflict and create understanding.

Telephone: 01527 832993


Social media:
Instagram BasementB61
Twitter @BasementB61

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