The Support Bromsgrove partners

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We are a local charity that helps young people under 25 with any issues or problems they are experiencing. The Basement is a safe, secure environment and offers some stability to young people. Sometimes we can be the only people who ask, “How are you today?”.

We support young people with are homeless, in crisis or need support in a new tenancy. Our aim is to help people find a home and keep it and to live independently, whilst considering their future.
Our team of experienced qualified support workers will assess the needs of each individual and tailor the support to help them in whatever way is needed, whether this is practically or emotionally.

Feedback from young people shows the difference and impact we can make in their lives. Comments like…. “I don’t think I would be here without you”; “You are the only people who listen and understand me” and “I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done”.

We also offer mediation to young people and their families, helping to alleviate conflict and create understanding.
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We’re a network supporting volunteers and community organisations across Bromsgrove and Redditch.

We’re the voice of the voluntary sector, support local communities, and help with networking, information, funding and volunteering. We’re the local Council for Voluntary Service and run the Volunteer Centre for Bromsgrove and Redditch. We also host Bromsgrove and Redditch Open Spaces and we run the BURT community minibus across Bromsgrove District. As part of Support Bromsgrove our Volunteer Centre is helping make sure volunteers are placed where they are most needed, and we help run this website.

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Bromsgrove Community Support is a new volunteer group that came together on Facebook in response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

It was set up initially to allow members to contact other members if they require any help. If there are any vulnerable/elderly residents who will struggle to get out and about and need items picking up from supermarkets, town etc it enabled a community response.

You can find out more or join the group at

Bromsgrove Partnership brings together different organisations from the public, private, voluntary and community sectors in its role as the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) for the District of Bromsgrove.

Instead of each organisation working separately in isolation, the Bromsgrove Partnership provides a forum for local organisations to come together and address issues that are important to those living, working and visiting Bromsgrove District in a more effective and cohesive way.

Bromsgrove Partnership’s vision is: “We will make Bromsgrove District the place to live, do business and to visit.”

Catshill Baptist Foodbank works primarily in Catshill and the surrounding North Bromsgrove areas. We work with many referring agencies including schools, other support services, GP practices etc. We aim to provide “more than food” by having time to sit and chat, a welcoming cup of coffee, giving a listening ear and helping with other needs through our Signposting service.

Churches Together in Bromsgrove (or more commonly known as CTiB) is an association of all the churches in Bromsgrove. CTiB hosts various projects and initiatives to enable us to serve our local communities, as well our individual church congregations. We want our focus to be known as one that seeks to reach out to the poor and needy in tangible, and life transforming ways.

You may already know about some of our activities, such as Open the Book in first schools, Street Prayers at the market once a month, or Street Pastors seeking to care, help and listen on a Friday night into early Saturday morning. We also support the Anglican Church Youth Project and Bromsgrove Youth & Community Hub.

Spiritual, pastoral and practical support are our strengths in all that we do as we seek to reflect the love of Jesus for all people.

NewStarts is an exciting Christian community re-use social enterprise, based in Bromsgrove, north Worcestershire, whose passion is to help people overcome the challenges and disadvantages that shape their lives and in doing so show them the love of God. Our core activity is providing free furniture, emergency food and household supplies to families and individuals who are in greatest need either on low incomes or in financial crisis.